Our products carry a comprehensive Two-Year Factory Warranty on the fibreglass shell and a One-Year Warranty on the mechanical items.
Please contact us if you require any assistance with your canopy. Replacement parts and windows are readily available from our factories in Johannesburg and Cape Town, or from Beekman-owned fitment centres across the country.
The serial number of your canopy can be found in the inside. Keep this number in a safe place for insurance purposes.

Please Note:

-Your canopy will only be covered under warranty if it has been fitted by an approved Beekman fitment centre.
-Authorised Beekman Fitment Centres and Agents can be found on the “Fitment Centres” page of this website.


Your Beekman canopy is designed and manufactured to provide you with hassle-free service with the minimum of maintenance. Our countrywide network of Agents are ready to assist should you have a problem with the product.

We suggest the following easy maintenance steps:


Avoid the use of paint thinners and any ammonia-based product to clean your canopy. Benzine can be used to remove stubborn dirt from your canopy. Clean the inside with a damp cloth. Your Beekman canopy can be polished regularly, like your vehicle, to prevent yellowing of the gel coat (in the case of a white canopy) as the years pass. Use ordinary car polish for this purpose.

Door-Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism on a Beekman canopy can be adjusted to ensure continuous functioning. If your canopy has metal end-locks and striker plates, it is advisable to lubricate them every six months with petroleum jelly or Vaseline to ensure smooth operation. This will not be necessary for canopies with nylon end-locks or striker plates. If you have difficulty inserting the key into the lock or operating the mechanism, a liberal application of lubricant will solve the problem. End-locks and striker plates can be adjusted if the door is rattling or if the end-lock does not catch the striker plate.

Driving with an Open Canopy Door

It is not advisable to drive with an open canopy door as this will damage the door, hinges and gas stays supporting the door.


Beekman canopies are all manufactured with safety glass window panes. Avoid loading heavy objects against the windows, as this may break the windows or dislocate them from the frame. For the same reason, passengers inside the canopy must refrain from leaning against the windows. The gutters on sliding windows should be cleaned regularly to ensure that the windows open smoothly and to prevent blockage of the draining holes that could cause a water leak.

Fitting & Removing the Canopy

It is not advisable to remove the canopy yourself and it could render your warranty null and void.
Ensure that all fitting brackets are secured properly before driving the vehicle. The canopy should always be stored on a flat surface when removed from the vehicle to avoid warping. It is not recommended to remove a canopy with a cab connection rubber on a regular basis, as this could cause leakage. Remember to unplug any and all electrical fittings for the brake light and interior light(s) before removing your canopy.