Online Payment information

The following Payment Plans are only available for online purchases.

Deposit Payment
We require a minimum deposit to reserve stock for fitment and/or to process your order. The full outstanding balance is payable on or before the day of fitment.
Payment In-full
Pay your order in-full & get an additional 1% discount on Beekman\’s listed Recommended Retail Price (e.g. R150 on an average order value of R15,000).
3 Month Payment Plan
Pay off your canopy in 4 equal payments over a 3 month period – 25% deposit now followed by another 3 payments of 25% each, 30 days apart. Fitment will be scheduled for final payment date. This payment plan is subject to confirmation that no manufacturer price increases are expected during this time period.

The following Payment Methods are only available for online purchases.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) electronic fund transfer
Electronic Funds Transfer – EFT
Canopy Finance electronic fund transfer
Beekman Online has teamed up with a leading personal finance provider company to provide a smooth and efficient call centre that wll assist you all of the way to get your canopy financed in quick time. Payouts can be finalised in anything from 2 to 48 hours from when you complete the online application process. Your personal information will remain safe since our systems interface directly into the banking systems to help you get your canopy financed.
Credit Card Payment
Onsite card facilities available at Paardeneiland, Parow, George, Pinetown, Boksburg, and Randburg fitment centres.
Cash Payment electronic fund transfer
Cash is (unfortunately) no longer king! Banks charge huge transaction fees for processing cash payments – except cash payments processed at FNB Automated Teller Machines. Additional cash payment fees apply to both cash deposits at a FNB branch teller, as well as cash receipts at the fitment centre.
SnapScan Mobile Payment electronic fund transfer coming-soon
Pay using your mobile phone.