Chevrolet Viva Utility Canopy Beekman Spacesaver / Nosecone

Beekman Canopies - Chevrolet Utility Spacesaver Nosecone
Part No: 030-001-11-0104

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Chevrolet Viva Utility Canopy Beekman Spacesaver / Nosecone

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Beekman Nosecone

Beekman Spacesaver / Nosecone canopy features:

  • Increased loadbin capacity
  • Easy access to loadbin & cargo
  • Lockable rear double door (galvanized frame)

Beekman Warranty

Beekman canopies are designed for strength and durability, and each canopy is hand-crafted according to the highest quality standards. Our canopy products are functional yet stylish – perfectly complimenting the design of your vehicle.

  • Two-year warranty on canopy shell
  • One-year warranty on mechanical items
  • Drive-in warranty assessments are available from any one of our 60+ Beekman accredited fitment centres
  • Beekman is only South African canopy manufacturer to achieve ISO9001 quality accreditation

Detail information about Beekman Waranty procedure

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